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Corporate video production has become a primary marketing strategy for virtually every major business to date. Between the ability to rank highly on search engines and nurture customers who visit your site, corporate video production can serve as an awesome tool for lead generation and conversion.


At Animdan Media, we pay close attention to the details of your brand to create an awesome corporate video that accurately represents your business and creatively tells its story. Not only are corporate videos great for storytelling, but they can also be great mediums to publish case studies with, tutorials, and even testimonials.


Check out our corporate video production process and what services we can offer for your business.

Corporate Video Production Process


The pre-production process typically begins with research about your business and your customers.


From here, we will conduct any interviews that are necessary and work with your marketing manager on any ideas that make sense for your animated corporate video. We will also require any images or logos associated with your brand that are necessary for your video.


Creating a thorough script and receiving approval for different ideas can save us both time and potential headaches moving down the road.


A schedule will be set for when you should expect an animated video to be completed based on the length of the film.


From here, my team will begin animating your corporate video using our own in-house software. We will consider all branding elements, and add our own bit of creativity to create a compelling story that separates your business from the competition.


We will post updates to your team and invite them to offer any feedback that can be used to improve the product.


We will then edit the film as needed to match your vision and a final copy will be sent to your company for full use on your site. Sound engineering and final animations will be laid out to create a final product that is dazzling.


Each element from 3D animation to special effects will be added to maximize visual and emotional impact, using classical elements of storytelling and video production.


Corporate Video Services

If you’re interested in our corporate video production and animation for your business, our services extend beyond simple storytelling. We can produce:

  • Animated tutorials

  • Explainer Videos

  • Case studies

  • B2B videos

  • Much more!​

Corporate Videos from Animdan Media

For more information about us and how we can help your business, book a discovery call to get started.​

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