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What is an Explainer Video?

Raise your hand if you know what an explainer video is. If you don’t, that’s ok. An explainer video is a short animated video used by businesses to tell explainer their products and services in a memorable way. These videos have been steadily gaining popularity since 2007, when the video production company CommonCraft created one to explain how to use Twitter, which, at the time, was a brand new platform.


How does Animdan Media help me?

Animdan Media is one of the top animation studios in North Carolina. You don’t have to be a business in North Carolina though! Our mission is clear - we work to create dynamic animated video production services for companies all across the United States. Our main goal is to create videos that are clear to understand, and we serve a variety of industries.


What are my options?

AnimDan media started out in 2007 recording people’s weddings. A year later, a local company hired us to produce a marketing video and everything blossomed from there. We fell in love with the collaborative nature of the project working with other companies and have been creating animated marketing videos ever since. We offer a variety of services, including:


  • Explainer videos

  • Product videos

  • Animated videos

  • Company introduction videos


We’ve produced explainer videos for companies all across the country, and you might recognize a few of our clients, like TurboTax, DubLabs, Petco, AAA, WD-40, Spectrum Business, and many others.


How to leverage an explainer video?

Our video content explains your products and services in a way nothing else can. Deliver a meaningful message that gets remembered using video. Not only do explainer videos have better-staying power, but they also deliver results:


  • Increased conversion rates

  • Increased interest - in 2018, more than 70% of internet users watched videos online

  • Better Google rankings

  • An uptick in web traffic

  • Building trust in your product or service


Simply out, explainer videos make your complex concept easy to understand.

How to pitch an Explainer Video to your team?

Our animated explainer videos are easily shareable and showcase your company’s personality as you grab the attention of your audience. Animated video content is here to stay. If your company is not already using video, you’re falling behind. A full 98% of users report watching an explainer video to learn more about a new product or service. With numbers like this, it’s clear that your business needs to adopt a video marketing strategy in 2019 (and beyond).


Whats next?

Our team wants to create the explainer video that takes your business to the next level. Contact us now to discuss your goals. We want to answer your questions and learn more about your business.




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