Planning and working on an animated explainer video requires meticulous work. Here are a few a free script template that will help you speed up the process of writing and planning your explainer video:


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Script Template (Word)




What is a video script?

A video script is a written version of what the audio or voiceover says in a video.


How to write a video script

Writing a video script is simple. All you have to do is write down the three main points you want to get across. Then, expand on those three main points. As you expand on each point, make sure to include comparisons, data points, references, metaphors, and analogies.


Once you have the meat and potatoes of the videos (The 3 main points), add a few introduction sentences in the beginning. Then add a few summary sentences at the end of the script. Last but not least, make sure to include a call to action.


Things to keep in mind when you write a video script

Even if you are an expert, writing a video script is can be hard. You need to visualize (in your mind) things about the subject of your video that are not in front of you. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Keep the video as short as possible.

  • On average, 150 words will produce 1 minute of audio/voiceover.

  • Make sure the visuals also do the talking and not only the voiceover.

  • 75% of your viewers will stop watching the video before it ends.

  • Don't be afraid to put a call to action in the first quarter of the video.


How to use this video script template?

This template and guide is designed to help you plan and write your video script. Once you download this template, all you have to do is open it in Word and enter your text. We added many rows/sections to give you the freedom you need.


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